Amrots on Nevsky "- one of the largest restaurants in St. Petersburg to the heart of the city. Ground floor is a cozy room decorated in the Gregorian style. On the second floor of the restaurant" Amrots on Nevsky "floor, you will meet the main hall, which will surprise you with its greatness.

Choose your own place, focusing on the layout of the tables. Next, you can contact our administrators to reserve the table, saying only number.

Ethnic Hall, I floor, daily seating


Hall of "Zvartnots», II floor, daily seating





Alternative seating:

layout4Banquet № 1.
Capacity - 220 people.
layout5Banquet № 1.
Capacity - 180 people.
layout6Banquet № 1.
Capacity - 420 people.
layout7Banquet № 1.
Capacity - 168 people.
layout8Banquet № 1.
Capacity - 356 people.
layout9Banquet № 1.
Capacity - 79 people.